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Shims and Motor pads


We stock shims and motor pads and can deliver fast and flexible small and larger quantities.
For customer specific solutions we have the possibility to deliver products according to your requirements and drawings.
You will find more info in: Customer specific shims





The web shop's range of shims

The assembler can adapt the motor pad to a specific thickness. This is easily done by using a sharp knife...
from 18,00 kr SEK
Each foil can be used as a pad.    Minimum order 200 SEK For customer specific solutions send us a req...
from 58,50 kr SEK
Lamisol® motor pads are made out of massive materials and are suitable to compensate for rougher toleranc...
from 6,50 kr SEK
Peelable shims in AluminiumLaminum shims for ball-bearings is composed of thin layered and agglutinated m...
from 11,50 kr SEK