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Plastic foil

Plastic foil

Colour coded plastic foil where the colour specify the thickness. It is used for shims and can be a very profitable alternative. By the color coded foil thickness (for example white=0.250 mm, pink = 0.037 mm) it is easy to choose the right foil and/or combine them to a suitable thickness without using micrometer. To add to this the plastic foil has the advantage that it can be used both as sealing, isolator and shim.

Long lifetime - this product is made of polyester and polypropylene and have high resistance against corrison and chemicals. Polyester also have high compression strenght, and restistance agains shrinking and scratches. In constrast to steel the polyester regains it's original shape if its been heavily bended.

Due to the high distruptive strenght of the plastic foil(especially polyester) it is very suitable for usage in electronical industry.

Is delivered in full sheets that can be punched or cut to get the right shape.

Minimimum order 200 SEK

For Lamiplast by drawing and/or specifications send a request.

Partno: Description: Thickness mm Format mm Material Price/item when buying Qty:
95.1018620. Purpur 0,025 305x610 Polyester (PETP) 117,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018612 Silver 0,0127 305x610 polyester (PETP) 167,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018639 Pink 0,037 305x610 polyester (PETP) 117,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018647 Dark blue 0,050 305x610 polyester (PETP) 128,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018663 Green 0,075 305x610 polyester (PETP) 129,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018671 Amber 0,100 306x610 polyester (PETP) 163,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018698 Brown 0,125 305x610 polyester (PETP) 174,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018701 Clear 0,150 305x610 polyester (PETP) 202,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018728 Peacock blue 0,175 305x610 polyester (PETP) 212,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018736 Clear 0,190 305x610 polyester (PETP) 208,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018744 Pale blue 0,200 305x610 polyester (PETP) 215,00 kr SEK/st
95.1000299 Silver 0,225 305x610 polyester (PETP) 220,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018752 White 0,250 305x610 polyester (PETP) 222,00 kr SEK/st
95.1000829 Gold 0,275 305x610 polyester (PETP) 230,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018760. Clear 0,300 305x610 polyester (PETP) 235,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018779 Natural 0,350 305x610 polyester (PETP) 247,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018787 Red 0,375 305x610 polyester (PETP) 262,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018795 Red mix 0,375 305x610 polyester (PETP) 305,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018809 Yellow 0,500 305x610 polypropylene (PP4) 298,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018817 Light grey 0,625 305x610 polypropylene (PP4) 305,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018825 Light blue 0,750 305x610 polypropylene (PP4) 330,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018833 Yellow brown 1,000 305x610 polypropylene (PP4) 355,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018841 Coal 1,250 305x610 polypropyelene (PP4) 382,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018868 Cream 1,500 305x610 polypropylene (PP4) 397,00 kr SEK/st
95.1000616 Natural 2,000 305x610 polypropelen (PP4) 425,00 kr SEK/st
95.1000683 Natural 3,000 305x610 polypropelen (PP4) 535,00 kr SEK/st
95.1018655 Black 0,065 305x610 polyester (PETP) 128,00 kr SEK/st